Scott Moeller - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

In September 1999, Scott founded MShift with the vision of extending the reach and ubiquity of the desktop-based Internet to the mobile world. Scott anticipated that enabling secure and high value transactions would be a necessity for growth and utilization of the mobile Internet. As such, MShift’s sharpened its focus on financial transactions and the banking industry. In 2001, MShift deployed the very first mobile banking application in the United States. Since then, MShift has developed, hosted and deployed mobile banking applications for a wide scope of financial institutions ranging from local credit unions and community banks to 2 of the top 5 largest financial institutions in the United States with millions of high value financial transactions securely supported by MShift technology.

Recently, Scott has been key in the development and deployment of MShift’s AnyWhereMobile payment rail, an innovative payment rail for mobile and online transactions patented by MShift. AnyWhereMobile enables a real-time guarantee of funds, for debit, credit and P2P payments. MShift’s patented method effectively eliminates chargebacks, and dramatically reduces the cost of transactions for merchants, leading AnyWhereMobile to be the most cost effective method for mobile and online payments. At the same time, AnyWhereMobile is able to provide financial institutions with equivalent net revenue to current plastic card interchange, through the effective cost reduction of delivering mobile and online payments through MShift’s technology.

Scott’s continuing vision for MShift and the AnyWhereMobile payment rail is to provide a secure transaction environment for an always evolving and ever-connected world.

Alan Finke - Vice President, Engineering and Development

Mr. Finke has successfully brought dozens of software products from concept to market. He has worked extensively in the Banking, Education, Automotive, and Mobile Industries developing and deploying hundreds of solutions and products for the Consumer, Embedded, and Enterprise markets.

Mr. Finke was president of the handheld software companies Silicon Mills, Inc. and Dream House Software, Inc. He also co-founded the company AnyWhereMobile, Inc. with Eric Buchbinder. Mr. Finke places strong emphasis on the user experience.

He holds an MS degree in Computer Science and an MFA in Visual Arts from the University of California, San Diego.

Eric Buchbinder - Chief Technical Officer

As Chief Technical Officer of MShift, Eric provides a wealth of proven capacity and demonstrated experience in successful technical deployments in the sectors of Mobile Computing, Financial Services & E-Commerce, as well as providing user-focused & elegant solutions to answer the difficult issues of multiple language sets, and device independent implementations.

Prior to MShift, Eric was the Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of ICVERIFY - a firm focused on electronic commerce, and credit card authorizations, based in Oakland, CA. ICVerify solutions interacted with over 130 banking processors in multiple language sets, including German and Japanese. During the summer of 1998, CyberCash acquired ICVerify in a stock and cash transaction, representing a purchase price and liquidity event in excess of more than $100 Million by November 1998.

Eric's engineering pedigree stretches back to the Computer Science department of UC Berkeley in 1972. A point of pride for Eric, Mr. Buchbinder's Bachelor of Science degree was the UC Berkeley's very first graduating class in Computer Science at the University of California.

Jacquelline Snell - Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Jacquelline Snell has 15 years experience in the Mobile Industry and leads the corporate strategy for new business growth, marketing and communications. She previously served as Director of Account Management and as Strategic Research Analyst at MShift.

Ms. Snell holds an MA degree in Asian Studies from The University of Auckland, New Zealand and a double-major BA in Economics and Organizational Studies from The University of California, Davis.

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